Plate 31B – Steering Gear-56th Series (Typical of 55th Series)

Plate 31C – Steering “Bendix Power Steering”-5560-80; 56th Series

Plate 31D – Steering “Monroe Power Steering”-5540-60; 56th Series

Plate 31E – Steering Control Valve and Power Cylinder “Bendix Power Steering” 5560-80; 56th Series

Plate 31F – Steering Control Valve “Monroe Power Steering” 5540-60; 56th Series

Plate 31G – Steering Knuckle and Front Suspension “Torsion Level” 56th Series (Typical of 55th Series)

Plate 31H – Steering Linkage “Manual Steering”-55th; 56th Series

Plate 32 – Suspension “Torsion Level” Compensator 55th Series

Plate 32A – Suspension “Torsion Level” Compensator 56th Series

Plate 32B – Suspension “Torsion Level” Compensator-56th Series (Typical of 55th Series)